PERC Splits the Day With Baltimore

PERC (D2) 17 vs. Baltimore-Chesapeake (D2) 34

It was another gorgeous Saturday in Bethesda where PERC took on its rivals to the north, the Baltimore-Chesapeake Brumbies. The day started off with a clash between the D2 sides, with Baltimore taking the victory 34-17. Although PERC a had a tough day on set pieces and on the defensive side of the ball, their ability to capitalize on opportunities and maintain offensive possession was on display. Dom Tom was first on the board for PERC. After sustained pressure by PERC 5 meters out, scrummy Dom Tom pick and went on his own and dove for the try. Next on the score sheet was Redmond, at the fullback position, who doted it down after running over multiple Baltimore defenders. The final try of the day was scored by the fleet footed winger Alfred, who ran 40 meters down the sideline past, and through, the Baltimore defenders.

PERC (D1) 27 vs. Baltimore-Chesapeake (D1) 10

The D1 side had better day with a victory over Baltimore 27-10. Strong defensive play and a well organized attack lead to the victory. First on the board was Whalen from the center position. After a great scrum in the offensive zone, the ball went through the hands with pace, and Whalen beat his defender to take the ball into the try zone. Next on the sheet was Quigley, who finished after a great series of ball movement.  Soon after it was Blaser on the board, who took the ball in with some great deceptive footwork from 5 meters out. Scrummaging was brilliant for PERC this day and lead to a substantial portion of the side’s tries. The third try of the day was scored by center, John Davis, who took a pass off the scrum from 10 meters out and blew past his defender. Minutes later PERC was on the board again with their final try of the match. After a great run down the right sideline, the ball came back across the field with a terrific display of passing. Sealing the edge was Dante who offloaded to Davis, who then gave the go ahead pass for the PERC hooker Guy to take it in. 

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