PERC wins over Baltimore in a tight match

PERC win, 34 to 29

The Potomac Exiles willed a thrilling victory on the weekend in an action-packed battle against a talented Baltimore-Chesapeake side. 

Starting the match, our cunning halfback Ryan Gilroy caught a well timed offload from Guy Lopresti and put one under the posts. An easy conversion for lock Matt Tyris who had a stellar boot throughout the day. 

Baltimore took no time for admiration and after berating our defense for a considerable number of phases spun it wide to score in the corner, leading to an unsuccessful kick. 

With possession back in our hands, the Exiles had no choice but to strike quickly. A nifty chip over their line put a fleet footed Joanel Joseph through as he pinned the pill in the end goal for a five pointer. Matt Tyris again converted the try with precision. Mounting on the momentum, we followed with another score six minutes later. Dom Tom, filling in for injured backs captain John Davis, had crossed the white wash for another Exiles try.

Only two minutes to go until the end of the first half. BC performed their best two minute drill, as they were not to be silenced by our score and dotted down on the stroke of halftime. Score was 19-10  holding on to the lead heading into the half. 

The second half proved even more combative, as Baltimore held the lion’s share of possession. 15 minutes into the half, they scored another try with their first successful conversion of the match to top it off.  Baltimore kept up the pressure, scoring and converting again and again to take a 10 point lead with under 5 minutes left to play. 

Down by 7 points Exiles needed an offensive spark a Pat Love rose to the challenge, and put PERC back on top with a try of his own, a testament to his physical prowess as a belligerent ball carrier.  With another successful conversion by Matt Tyhris, PERC took a 2 point lead over their opponent. 

With three minutes left, the plan was to conserve our possession with controlled ball in the pack. But our backs saw opportunity wide.  A break from Nate Tadesse was finished off with some nifty passing which lead to the go-ahead try by flyer Joanel Joseph.  

One final spark from BC in the last moment brought them a score and another bonus point in a close match. 

Final score 33-29, putting the Exiles at 3-1 in the MAC

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